Windows 10:10.0.14393.0.rs1 release srvmedia.160808-1702

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Windows 10 10.0.14393.0 srvmedia Version.png
Windows 10 v1607 10.0.14393.0.rs1_release_srvmedia.160808-1702
内核版本 10.0
架构 x64, x86
版本 PE
语言 English (United States)
BIOS 日期 2016/8/9
版本字串 10.0.14393.0.rs1_release_srvmedia.160808-1702

2016 年 8 月 23 日通过 Connect 发送给合作伙伴。


The RTM build distributed through Connect on 8/23 (build 14393.0.160808-1702) was recalled due to an issue that impacted injecting language packs into OEM images.
We are releasing a new RTM Refresh build today, 14393.0.160911-2111.
This build is identical to what was released yesterday to the Microsoft OEM Online Software Order Center.
This build cannot be activated without genuine RTM product keys which are available for OEMs on MOO/SOC, and for all other partners via VL/WU after October 12.
Please see the notes section for information about what has changed since the Aug 23 recalled RTM release.

Release Notes:
The delta between this build (14393.0.160911-2111) and the Connect release on 8/23 (14393.0.160808-1702) is as follows:
• Manifests updated to allow proper injection of language packs into winre.wim and boot.wim for multilingual media creation
Additionally, we have retained the fixes below from the recalled Aug 23 build:
• Dolby encoder and VP9 encoder removed (DolbyDecMFT.dll and msvpxenc.dll)
• MSAudDecMFT.dll now contains the AAC audio codec decoder

Activation Keys:
There are no activation keys provided for RTM release through Connect.  
OEM license holders get theirs through MOO/SOC.  
All others receive them through MSDN/VLSC at GA.  
As this build is to only facilitate final validation and certification, you will not need to activate.  
• Clean installs - skip activation key during setup
• Upgrades from supported OS  – use the command switch “setup.exe /pkey defer” to bypass entering a key


Windows Server 2016:10.0.14393.0.rs1_release_srvmedia.160808-1702